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About Me

Winfield Ly is a writer who lives in Mississauga, Ontario working on completing his first novel. He graduated from the University of Guelph in 2013 with an Honours B.Sc in Biochemistry. Winfield has received an Honourable Mention in an online magazine, In The Snake, for the flash fiction contest, Autumn 2011 Snake Prize.

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Flash Fiction #54

Writing Prompt: Have someone looking for something that is lost.

Hope you enjoy!


Maria ran up and down the street as she stared intensely for the bracelet that she had gotten as a gift. "Where is it? I can't believe I lost it!" She screamed at herself from within. She could feel the rush in the heart beat, and beads of sweat forming on her forehead and back of the neck.

"I'm sure it must be here somewhere. I checked at home, and at school. I couldn't find it anywhere. How can I be so careless?"

Maria cried when she realized the bracelet was lost, and wanted to cry even more while running around. "I can't cry. Tears won't find my bracelet."

When she saw a bracelet near an alleyway, she jumped at it with disappointment. "It's just some junk." She lowered her head at her bad luck, but she got up with renewed enthusiasm unwilling to show defeat.

After walking down the same route from her home to school for thirty minutes…

Flash Fiction #53

Writing Prompt: Make a character cry.

Hope you enjoy!


Maria jumped up and down, wrapping arms with her teammates as her softball team won the game. "Good job, everyone!"

Her teammates reciprocated the cheerfulness, and celebrated the come back from behind win. Maria noticed Sarah and Taylor coming towards her from the stands, and ran towards them. "Thank you both for coming out! It means a lot to me cheering for us in this type of game."

"No problem. It was really entertaining." Sarah hugged her younger sister, congratulating her.

"That diving catch that you made in the field in the ninth inning was so clutch! I wish I had my camera to take a photo. Good job, Maria." Taylor brushed her hair.

Maria froze for a split second as Taylor was making a mess of her hair. She was glad that she was hiding her face in Sarah's shoulder with that moment, as it started to turn red. She tipped her hat down to try to hide as much of her face as she stepp…

Flash Fiction #57

This was something I started to write a couple of months ago, but forgot about it until now. Hope you enjoy this!


It’s the same thing day in and day out. Wake up, eat, work, and then sleep. People often ask me what I want for my future, but I like my job currently despite the mundane job duties. It’s safe and comfortable. Every time someone asks what I do, I would say “I’m just a dishwasher”, people simply roll their eyes with displeasure at the bottom of the barrel job. I would imagine they were thinking along the lines of “This guy is a wasted potential”.

I enter the restaurant from the back, and wash any dirty dishes that come back from the front throughout the night. I see co-workers come and go, looking for better things elsewhere in the meantime. That was when I met him. A one of a kind guy. He shook my hand with a smile. “I’m Alex, nice to meet you. Have you been working here long?”

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Jackie. To answer your question, five years if I recall correctl…