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Flash Fiction #52

Writing Prompt: In this scene, include something that your character is afraid of.

Hope you enjoy!


"I think that I just erased the mental image of Sarah making out with Taylor from my memory." Maria nodded with approval after reading her favourite baseball comic book. After putting down one of the volumes, Sarah knocked on Maria's door and opened it.

"Maria, dinner time."

As soon as Maria saw Sarah again, the mental image returned to her and made a squeamish sound. Sarah sighed, annoyed, knowing exactly what Maria was thinking. "That's what you get for barging into my room unannounced. I don't feel sorry at all."

"Put up a sign or something." Maria argued as they descended down to the dining room.

"Knock at least, like what I just did." Sarah shook her head. "Manners and common sense, Maria."

Maria totally forgot about the conversation as soon as she saw at least one dish they were going to eat for dinner. &qu…
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Flash Fiction #51

Writing Prompt: Write about an awkward social encounter.

Hope you enjoy!
"I don't understand this problem at all!" Maria took her eraser and removed her answer to the math question in her notebook. There were already markings from previous attempts, and she scratched her hair in frustration. "I give up. I'm going to ask Sarah for help."

Maria took her textbook and notebook, and walked down the hallway to her older sister's bedroom. She yelled as she opened the door, "Sarah! Can you please help me with this problem? I've been stuck for 30 minutes already!"

Maria's mouth dropped open, and her eyes wide with shock as she witnessed Sarah and her boyfriend in a make-out session on the bed. Sarah noticed her younger sister at the doorway, and gently pushed her boyfriend away from her, frazzled.  "Maria, the least you can do is knock!"

Maria blushed at the sight and thought of her sister and her boyfriend kissing, and bowed. &qu…

Flash Fiction #50

I used a random writing prompt generator to get some inspiration for this... Hope you enjoy!


"Sorry I hung up on you."

Those were the words that I kept on telling myself all throughout the night after the fight. "I didn't mean to say it. The words just simply came out in the heat of the moment. I hope that you can forgive me for everything." I spun my chair around at the desk to look at the body pillow on the bed.

"Will you forgive me?" Then after a brief moment, I threw a glass of water at the pillow dripping onto the mattress. "Why are you giving me the silent treatment!? Say something!"

"Why do I feel alone?" I slouched back into the chair, hiding my face behind my hands. I peeked at my phone that lay on the desk. For the whole year, I didn't receive any messages or phone calls. Not even on my birthday. "Was I forgotten? Maybe, I should reach out but maybe this is a sign of how my friendships are. Shallow and forgot…

Flash Fiction #49

I found this random writing prompt and decided to write a bit about it for fun. Hope you enjoy!

"A mysterious death occurs. Your character realizes no-one will listen to what he's saying."


I saw it with my own eyes. The murderer who killed my sister. She hid me in our closet just moments before as I peeked through the gaps in the door to see a person in a long coat and hat walked in through our front door. They talked for a bit before she struggled against him, and eventually choked her to death. As I held my breath to not alert the murderer, I leaned back against the back of the closet unsure of what to do. As soon as I couldn't hear his footsteps anymore, I pushed open the closet doors and rushed over to my sister to try to wake her up by shaking.

"Elizabeth! Elizabeth!"

I sobbed as I tried my best to wake her up, trying to deny what happened just now. To no avail, she remained motionless. After calling the cops through my tears, they eventually came …

Flash Fiction #48

I was inspired by something that occurred recently... Hope you enjoy! ^^


"Britt! Jen! Do you have everything with you? Your allowance?"

Jen looked through the screen door. "Yes, Mom."

Britt had their mom inspect her backpack and put a cap on her head before opening up the door to let her go. "Be home as soon as the math class finishes for dinner. Jen, you do have the money to get you and your younger sister lunch, right?"

"Of course, Mom. I just said that I did."

Their mother pointed at Britt and Jen and yelled, "Be sure to hold your sister's hand, Britt!"

Britt looked down as their mom's voice carried across their neighbourhood, and she was sure their neighbours heard her. She held her older sister's hand.

"Mom's a worrywart, but there's no worry. We both have each of our backs, right?"

Britt nodded, smiling. "Does Mom have to remind us every time we leave by ourselves though? I get so embarrasse…

My Impression of Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

I watched a Japanese animation movie recently in theatres called Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). It was released in August 26, 2016. It starred Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi, and directed by Makoto Shinkai. 
The initial premise of Your Name begins with our two main characters, Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl who wishes to leave her countryside home to live in the big city, having dreams of being in another person's body, who she later finds out that it was Taki Tachibana, who is trying to balance his part-time job and a normal high school life in Tokyo. What was really odd is that after she wakes up from her dream, she finds out that the people around her keeps on telling her she was acting very weird the day before. After both finding out what was happening with them (ie. the body swap in every couple of days), they set out rules to try to protect each of their own lives while trying to figure out why it was happening to just the two of them. Saying anything more will …

My Impression of Gantz

I re-watched the Gantz live action movie recently. I remembered that I had watched it near the time of release years ago, but I had an itch to revisit the series so I want to watch the live action movies and re-read the manga over again. Gantz is a two part movie series, and this blog post is about the first movie released in January 29th, 2011. It was directed by Shinsuke Sato, and starred Kazunari Ninomiya, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Kanata Hongo, and Natsuna Watanabe. The Gantz series was created by Hiroya Oku.
The basic premise of Gantz centers around a black ball with a man inside of it that transports certain people when they die to an apartment room in Tokyo during the night. They are forced to complete missions by killing the alien that Gantz tells them to hunt with special suits and special weapons. Nobody really knows why this is happening, except that they get points for each alien that they kill to get up to 100 points where they can redeem them for freedom…